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Dining tables

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Dining tables

The dining table is usually the central table in the apartment and often the most important piece of furniture. Here you are eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Who wants to set up a desktop computer or maybe laptop on the dining table, has to think twice and make some furniture investments. The most important investment is setting up the dining table – so this piece of furniture  should be carefully selected.


It begins with the size. The decisive factor is of course in one hand are how many people can sit comfortably, and secondly, how much space you actually have available. You should get yourself a table with 60 to 70 cm length. The table is used in everyday life mostly for four people, but if you are planning events, consider buying an extendable table. In any case, you need to have enough space in order to have comfort.


020115065911_111839For these types something between classic dining tables with four legs and those with wide, center type foot, on which the plate rests, are distinguished. These have the advantage since legs don’t take too much space when you have an occasion with many guests. In the tabletop again, the question arises: round or square? Rectangular tables are one that are space-saving because they use the space better, and they are especially suitable for couples who like to sit opposite. Who wants more space and that people can see each other without problem, should consider a round table as their first choice. While rectangular tables can be as long as necessary, round tables are limited when ti comes to size, otherwise the distance between the people and the table surface is overall great. This can be really impractical.

The most common materials for tables


Wood: The classic material for tables is wood – regardless of whether it is a dining table, a coffee table or a simple desk because wood is warm and cozy. This is especially good for tabletops rustic wooden boards, which often have light patina. The most popular wood species are conifers such as pine, which inherently have a lively structure and are like stained in darker tones.


Melamine resin / plastic: Those who are not fans of wood, have sufficient alternatives. Wooden tables with white coated melamine surface are becoming more and more popular. They are inexpensive, easy to maintain and they give a fresh, bright accent in the dining room. People who don’t like wooden tables but want to have an easy cleaning should go for plastic tables – they will be content with them 100%.


Glass: Glass tables usually have a metal base and they are available in many homes since the 80s and 90s. They appear light and unobtrusive therefore they fit virtually any style, but especially to a modern or minimalist one. However, glass table is not for everyone but a modern dining table can get you a nice touch of modern taste, especially if its combined with nice set of chairs.

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